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SAPERION® Product Portfolio

In our 12 years of DMS/Knowledgemanagement experience we have never seen a product which is so far ahead in time.

Saperion has an unique powerfull multitier architecture which makes it possible to use almost all functionalities over the internet.

It keeps the network load down to a minimum. It can acces almost all databases which makes it a real knowledge management system. 

SAPERION® is built with multi-tier system architecture. Multi-tier architecture is a concept that involves

several levels (n-tier). The Broker exists between the client level and server level and mediates between the two. The introduction of multi-tier architecture has allowed the administration to be greatly simplified, and you can now accomplish it essentially from a single workstation.The advantages of multi-tier architecture are particularly useful for companies that are active

worldwide and have numerous branches, remote locations, etc. It allows infinitely scalable systems with convenient options for load distribution.

SAPERION® is the enterprise wide basis for successful Document and Knowledge Management. Our Solution SAPERION® supports all standard platforms and features complete integrations to groupware and ERP systems. Our Standard Interfaces will provide you with a complete solution in one package for any applications.

Taking our standard products as a basis, we offer our customers individual solutions with impressive capabilities, intuitive operation and simple administration tailor-made for your requirements. You can use the entire SAPERION® functionality via the web.

  • Small Business Solution for stand-alone systems up to maximum 10 users.
  • Business Solution
    The professional solution for medium sized companies and departments of large companies.
  • Enterprise Solution
    The highend solution for corporations and organization with a high number of users.


The following options are available as server:

  • Document Server / Highend Document Server as high performance and revision proof document server near realtime data replication and automatic failover
  • Broker Server as database gateway for clients with increased performance and scalability of the system. Also for central administration and distribution of system data. e.g. masks and macros etc.
  • DocFlow Server for the document based workflow with standard functionalities
  • R/Link Server as connection server to the SAP ArchiveLink interface for the transfer of documents to SAP R/3
  • SAPERION®-Notes®-Bridge Server back up with index data for Lotus Notes documents.
  • HTML Gateway Server for archiving and search based on HTML
    InterServer for the connection and migration of Third Party archives

SAPERION® clients for the enterprise-wide handling of documents via LAN, WAN and Internet

All clients are available as Native Client based on MS Windows or Web Native Client - embedded in the MS Internet Explorer or other commonly used internet browser - as well as client within integrated customer solutions.

The following clients are available:

  • Universal Client/Admin Client with all available SAPERION® functions
  • Query/Index Client for retrieval and indexing
  • DocFlow Client with extensive functions for the document based Workflow
  • Scan Client / Highend Scan Clients for scanner integration by using ISIS, Kofax, SCSI, TWAIN
  • HTML Clients for browser independent research and indexing


In addition to the functions included in the SAPERION® solutions we offer further SAPERION® options:

  • Audit Log, Reporting, and Quality Assurance for extensive system monitoring and auditing
  • Barcode to integrate Barcode functions
  • CAD-Viewer for viewing and handling of ACAD files
  • COLD Converter for analysis, interpretation and capture of line orientated print data.
  • Driver for data import for customer specific data and index information
  • Event Script built-in configuration language that allows a COM-based integration incl. event-based routines
  • Forms recognition and classification, interface to various programs (e.g. Docustar/ OCÉ-ODT, Eyes & Hands)
  • Full Text Link to integrate full text search software for third party products (e.g. Verify, Autonomy)
  • Lotus Domino.Doc-Interface to archive and retrieve Lotus Domino.Doc documents
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Gateway for the integration into MS Exchange Server, emails are imported transparent for an email client (e.g. Outlook), retrievable via SAPERION®, attachments are stored only in the archive
  • Microsoft Office-Link to connect Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint to SAPERION®
  • Mobile Client Offline-workstation for native-clients
  • Navision-SAPERION®-Interface as integration with NAVISION
  • OCR interface for different programs (e.g. CAERE, FineReader)
  • Rendering/Format Conversion to integrate rendering functions. Automatic conversion of incoming documents into another format, TIFF-Maker and PDF-Converter included.
  • R/Index für indexing and synchronisation of archived SAP documents
  • Security - Encryption and digital signature
  • SQL connection (via ODBC) to connect external SQL databases for third party products (e.g. MS SQL Server, Oracle, Informix)

Last update:  14:58 28/07 2005