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Are you fighting your way through hundreds of e-mail messages every day? The piles of paper from the past - business letters, delivery slips, invoices, faxes etc. have largely been replaced by e-mail. But the same problem remains: how to get a handle on it all. ACTIVE IMPORT 3 takes your e-mail and automatically stores it in DocuWare alongside all of your other documents. Whether it's from other Windows applications, scanned records or e-mail, everything is stored in one common document pool. Documents can be rapidly retrieved and displayed with a mouse click. In addition, ACTIVE IMPORT 3 integrates digital copy machines, network scanners and external scan programs, so that paper documents and files of every type can be quickly and easily stored in DocuWare. DocuWare helps organize any size office, in any size company in a flash.



  • Automatic e-mail storage
  • Integration with digital copiers
  • Automatic import and storage of scanned files in DocuWare
  • Document sorting
  • Capturing index words from external data sources

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Last update:  14:17 28/04 2004