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Mainframes, midrange systems and PCs are used to generate large volumes of invoices, records, journal reports, etc. This information is printed as a spool file on powerful printers. Using these same spool files, DocuWare COLD/READ makes it possible to electronically file these documents automatically.

These documents are then neatly organized using the proper index information, so that they can be found alongside invoices and other thematically linked documents like letters, files and e-mail. Now through your PC network and even the Internet, you can find the spool documents you need, and display and print them in their original format.

Cold/Read datasheet


  • Central storage of spool records together with all other documents and files
  • Affordable electronic filing of mass spool data on low-cost storage media
  • Simple access via LAN, intranet and Internet


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Last update:  14:11 11/06 2004