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Compu-mark Belgium

It is Compu-Mark's corporate mission to supply trademark specialists with value-added information and to remain the industry innovator. The company has done so by listening to its customers, by making a priority of new product development and by teaming with industry experts.Compu-Mark has gained its solid international reputation through the quality of its products and services, resulting from a combination of the state of the art technology it uses and the expertise of its employees.


TenneT manages the Dutch high-voltage grid, which has 22 connections. According to the law, a connection is one or more links between an immovable property and the grid, or two or more links between grids of different voltage. TenneT manages the infrastructure of the Netherlands 380 kV and 220 kV grid and the cross border connections. Management means: ensuring that power transmission is possible over the high-voltage lines and substations under virtually all circumstances. In order to ensure this high level of availability, sophisticated maintenance and inspections are necessary.

Saxion Colleges

The Saxion Colleges start to use Docuware in 2000 to digitalize all student files in order to get direct and fast access so they save money and time in the registration department. They also start to use Docuware in their finance department.

Mobil Oil Company Health Insurance Fund

Since 1999, the company health insurance fund for Mobil Oil has been growing excessively. In order to live up to the principle of a lean administration, the insurance fund decided to implement a document management system and introduced a digital signature process to accompany the electronic filing.

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University of Twente

The University of Twente is using Docuware to scan and to make documents accessible such as personnel and student files, the creation of digital project files.By working in this way the University can save a lot of time and money.Docuware has the possibility to link digital managed documents directly from other software applications which supports business processes such as work-flow and post registration.


EMI Virgin Records The Netherlands

EMI is using Docuware for their production, administration and marketing departments.A lot of copying is prevented by centralizing digital document and make them available to anybody who wants to look at them. The production and handling of the artistís covers are managed within Docuware. Then they are offered to the printers who are often abroad in order to print them.


AVON Portugal

Since 1886, AVON consultants have been selling beauty products. They are now the largest direct marketer in this field, with representatives working in 143 countries around the world. One of these successful locations is Portugal, where more than 20,000 consultants are helping over 3.6 million customers look their best. With tools supplied by DocuWare, the internal employees of AVON are now better able to process the 1,000 orders they receive daily and respond more quickly to complaints. The company's customers are happy with the better service, while AVON Portugal can smile about its significant reduction in costs - this made it possible to amortize the $130,000 investment in the new DocuWare document management system within one and a half years after installation!

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Liverpool City Council

Liverpool City Council is the latest addition to the large number of City and Borough Councils that successfully make use of DocuWare products to streamline the handling of their vast amount of documents.

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IKEA Austria

Continuing to work with paper documents meant that IKEA Austria would have had to enlarge their office space substantially. Instead, IKEA Austria began electronically filing its accounting department's documents with DocuWare. Numerous invoices from 120,000 regular customers are scanned locally in each of the five Austrian stores and transferred electronically for processing to the central accounting office in Wiener Neudorf.

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Maersk Sealand

Maersk Sealand is the world ís largest provider of containerized transport solutions. The service network spans six continents, with dedicated Maersk Sealand professionals ready to serve the customers in more than 325 offices around the world. Maersk Sealand operates more than 250 vessels with a total capacity of around 600,000 TEU. The company is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden with branch offices in Stockholm and in Helsingborg.

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Kansas Surgery and Recovery Center

Elective surgery hospital, Kansas Surgery and Recovery Center, streamlined patient records management without adding staff and improved the security of their records with DocuWare.

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