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Docuware 4.5 system license

DocuWare 4.5 is the cornerstone of the DocuWare document management product line. It gives you the power to electronically store and organize all kinds of documents from accounting records to correspondence, from e-mail to technical drawings, and much more. DocuWare is widely known for its complete functionality, simple administration and usability, seamless integration and absolute security.

Docuware datasheet


For all document types: letters, faxes, records, e-mail, drawings, etc.

  • Extremely simple installation, administration and useability
  • Integrated full-text retrieval
  • Automatic filing with TIFFMAKER, universal for every Windows application
  • Tamper-free document security
  • Access to all documents within seconds
  • Integrated client-server database based on MS SQL-Server


Active Import

Storing E-mail and Files: Automatic - Simple - Organized


Automatic Indexing Using Bar Code and OCR Technology

Content Folder

Speed up your workflow


Automatic Indexing with the Help of External Data


Access Documents Directly out of Other Applications


Electronic Filing of Spool Data

Docuware Internet Server

Access File Cabinets Worldwide via Intranet and Internet

Document Server

Maximum Security for document Files

Connect to Notes

Manage Your Lotus Notes Documents

Connect to R/3

Filing Power for SAP R/3

CD/DVD Maker

Burn your archives directly on CD/DVD


Retrieval Power on CD and DVD


Software Developer Kit for DocuWare

Docuware Reader

DocuWare READER for Displaying TIFF Files

Last update:  08:14 15/06 2004