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DocuWare Escrow Services

DocuWare software placed in escrow:


Do you have the requirement of being guaranteed access to the DocuWare source code? To address this need, DocuWare software has been placed in escrow with Guard-IT, a leading independent, third-party provider of escrow and verification subscription services.

By subscribing to this service DocuWare licensees/users can further secure their DocuWare investment. DocuWare automatically updates the source code held by Guard-IT, assuring the latest source code for its products is always kept secure and confidential for the benefit of its licensees and users. Enrollment with Guard-IT is available to DocuWare licensees worldwide. Enroll online by visiting

This service is extremely important when dealing with specific organizations and firms that need the added protection of having the complete DocuWare source code, including modules, guaranteed by a third-party to always be made available.


  • Low yearly subscription fee direct with Guard-IT, (so fees are not inflated)
  • Simple online enrollment page designed exclusively for DocuWare users at
  • Subscription members will receive semi-annual status reports and written  confirmation of all source code updates
  • Available worldwide
  • Guard-IT Corporation, established in March 1999, based in Austin,    Texas,   USA, or (512) 282-1995.

Last update:  13:07 02/03 2005