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Software made to measure

DSC benelux profides office software which creates a groupware solution in your company. This software helps you accessing and maintaining your knowledge, documents, customer relations and workflow processes on a very easy, fast and efficient way.


Saperion is its time far ahead. In our 12 years of experience in DMS and Knowledge management we have never seen a product which such quality/price performance. 


DocuWare helps you archiving all incoming and outgoing documents on an easy and surveyable manner.


eDocPlus very effective,very low cost document management software for your business cards and other documents.


Ultimus - With Ultimus you can automate and manage the workflow in your company. Ultimus is a web-based application.


Jobrouter - Jobrouter is a Workflow - System especially designed for small and mid-sized companies easy to maintain with strong functionalities.


The Opalis mission is to reduce operational costs and increase the availability and performance of both networks and application systems. Our vision is a data center that is completely autonomous with systems that are completely self-managing and self-correcting.

Last update:  21:46 06/04 2005