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SAPERION® Product Portfolio

In our 12 years of DMS/Knowledgemanagement experience we have never seen a product which is so for ahead in time.

SAPERION® is the enterprise wide basis for successful Document and Knowledge Management. Our Solution SAPERION® supports all standard platforms and features complete integrations to groupware and ERP systems. Our Standard Interfaces will provide you with a complete solution in one package for any applications.

Taking our standard products as a basis, we offer our customers individual solutions with impressive capabilities, intuitive operation and simple administration tailor-made for your requirements. You can use the entire SAPERION® functionality via the web.

  • Small Business Solution for stand-alone systems up to maximum 10 users.
  • Business Solution
    The professional solution for medium sized companies and departments of large companies.
  • Enterprise Solution
    The highend solution for corporations and organization with a high number of users.


The following options are available as server:

  • Document Server / Highend Document Server as high performance and revision proof document server near realtime data replication and automatic failover
  • Broker Server as database gateway for clients with increased performance and scalability of the system. Also for central administration and distribution of system data. e.g. masks and macros etc.
  • DocFlow Server for the document based workflow with standard functionalities
  • R/Link Server as connection server to the SAP ArchiveLink interface for the transfer of documents to SAP R/3
  • SAPERION®-Notes®-Bridge Server back up with index data for Lotus Notes documents.
  • HTML Gateway Server for archiving and search based on HTML
    InterServer for the connection and migration of Third Party archives

SAPERION® clients for the enterprise-wide handling of documents via LAN, WAN and Internet

All clients are available as Native Client based on MS Windows or Web Native Client - embedded in the MS Internet Explorer or other commonly used internet browser - as well as client within integrated customer solutions.

The following clients are available:

  • Universal Client/Admin Client with all available SAPERION® functions
  • Query/Index Client for retrieval and indexing
  • DocFlow Client with extensive functions for the document based Workflow
  • Scan Client / Highend Scan Clients for scanner integration by using ISIS, Kofax, SCSI, TWAIN
  • HTML Clients for browser independent research and indexing


In addition to the functions included in the SAPERION® solutions we offer further SAPERION® options:

  • Audit Log, Reporting, and Quality Assurance for extensive system monitoring and auditing
  • Barcode to integrate Barcode functions
  • CAD-Viewer for viewing and handling of ACAD files
  • COLD Converter for analysis, interpretation and capture of line orientated print data.
  • Driver for data import for customer specific data and index information
  • Event Script built-in configuration language that allows a COM-based integration incl. event-based routines
  • Forms recognition and classification, interface to various programs (e.g. Docustar/ OCÉ-ODT, Eyes & Hands)
  • Full Text Link to integrate full text search software for third party products (e.g. Verify, Autonomy)
  • Lotus Domino.Doc-Interface to archive and retrieve Lotus Domino.Doc documents
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Gateway for the integration into MS Exchange Server, emails are imported transparent for an email client (e.g. Outlook), retrievable via SAPERION®, attachments are stored only in the archive
  • Microsoft Office-Link to connect Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint to SAPERION®
  • Mobile Client Offline-workstation for native-clients
  • Navision-SAPERION®-Interface as integration with NAVISION
  • OCR interface for different programs (e.g. CAERE, FineReader)
  • Rendering/Format Conversion to integrate rendering functions. Automatic conversion of incoming documents into another format, TIFF-Maker and PDF-Converter included.
  • R/Index für indexing and synchronisation of archived SAP documents
  • Security - Encryption and digital signature
  • SQL connection (via ODBC) to connect external SQL databases for third party products (e.g. MS SQL Server, Oracle, Informix)

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