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Docuware Internet Server

Access File Cabinets Worldwide via Intranet and Internet

DocuWare neatly organizes all of your company´s documents - whether letter, e-mail, business record or any other file - in one common document pool. The add-on module INTERNET-SERVER 3 gives all authorized users access to this pool of information via Internet/Intranet. With any simple web browser, documents are available to your employees as well as current and potential customers worldwide.

Docuware Internet Server datasheet


  • Password-protected access to document pool from any location with a simple web browser
  • Provide company wide access to documents via the Intranet without installing DocuWare at each workstation
  • Edit index criteria, as well as search, display, download and file documents on the Web
  • Customizable templates allow to blend DocuWare into the design of a company’s web site
  • Modern, user-friendly design

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Last update:  11:44 28/04 2004