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CONTENT-FOLDER ensures quick and direct access to the information you need on a daily basis. The idea is to put together “virtual folders“ containing dynamic or static links to documents filed in DocuWare. Instead of document copies, these folders contain links to the original documents stored in your file cabinet. The folder can be placed on your desktop, kept as a pending item in MS Outlook, sent by e-mail or stored in an easy-access location. CONTENT-FOLDER speeds up the information flow in your company. By accessing a folder, coworkers can immediately check the status of a project and cut processing time. Plus, new documents can be simply dragged into the folder — where they are automatically captured and stored in your DocuWare filing cabinet.

Content-Folder datasheet


  • Faster workflow
  • Filed documents are bundled together by project or process
  • Quicker access to filed documents
  • Automatic updates reflect new and altered documents
  • Folder design can be customized

Last update:  11:46 28/04 2004