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Document Server

DocuWare stores all types of documents in a central location by placing the documentís index criteria in a database and saving the actual documents through the file system to a hard disk or optical disks. The add-on module DOCUMENT-SERVER increases document security by acting as an interface between the DocuWare client and the file system of the network server, taking over the storage and retrieval of documents. With DOCUMENT-SERVER, the user no longer needs direct access to the file system. This means that the security for stored documents is maximized, administration needs reduced, and remote accesss by DocuWare client via the Internet is simplified and even faster than ever before.

Document Server datasheet


  • Maximum access security for archived documents
  • Faster access with DocuWare 4 Windows client to file cabinets via the Internet
  • May be used with existing DocuWare file cabinets
  • Simple administration
  • Access to archived documents in parallel through DOCUMENT-SERVER and via file system possible
  • High investment protection since data is stored in standard formats.

Last update:  14:48 22/04 2004