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Connect to R/3

This SAP-certified additional module to DocuWAre 4 manages the seamless connection between the DocuWare product family to SAP R/3 using the R/3 standard interface, ArchiveLink. All document types and storage strategies (filing scenarios) recognized by R/3 are supported without exeption. Special functions make it possible to add index criteria and create self-contained file cabinets on CD/DVD. DocuWare CONNECT to R/3 makes it particularly easy to work together with scanning service bureaus. This module is certified for both ArchiveLink 3.1/4.0 as well as ArchiveLink 4.5 (HTTP content server).

Connect to R/3 datasheet


  • Direct support of Oracle and MS SQL as archiving database
  • Highest performance and stability
  • Connection to your docucuments also without R/3
  • all R/3-Releases and document-types are supported
  • easy to maintain and to install

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Last update:  13:07 02/03 2005