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Ride the Information Wave.

The rules of business have changed.

Itís not the size of an organization that matters; instead, itís about who has the quickest access to the most important information. Not such an easy task, considering the growing flood of data.

With DocuWare, all of the knowledge your company needs is housed in one document pool. Everything can be accessed through keywords, with the help of select lists, or by combing through the entire document pool with a full text search.

It doesnít matter if you are looking for a letter, fax, file, chart, note, report or e-mail message. It doesnít matter who filed it.

You will find what you are looking for. And you will find it quickly.

The complete and current knowledge of your organization can be accessed 24-7 with a few mouse clicks.

Complete Overview

All of the information for a project is collected in one central document pool Ė no matter the document type.

Improved Information Access

Through smart indexing and storage, documents can be searched by keyword, with the help of select lists or in full text mode.

Worldwide Access

A DocuWare user is able to access documents from any PC in a network, or from anywhere in the world. Document management works for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Faster Service

Save Time.

Customers today are spoiled by the instant response times afforded by the Internet and the rapid-fire communication of e-mail. They expect prompt and competent responses to their questions as well as increased customer service throughout every phase of the transaction. Storing documents in paper-based files simply burns through time and resources.

By digitizing documents and housing them in one central document pool, you dramatically reduce search and retrieval times, and eliminate the hunt between different kinds of storage media.

The end result: more productivity that will give your customer service capabilities a new and dynamic dimension.

Better Answers

Complete information is easily available from current, as well as archived records.

Faster Business Processes

Because of the electronic capture, storage and distribution of information, business tasks are performed more efficiently.

Satisfied Customers

Employees can quickly respond to customer questions and provide comprehensive information on the fly.

Improving Quality, Reducing Costs

Immediate Savings.

Filing isnít something you do just for legal reasons.

Itís really the complete know-how of a business that can be found in its documents. The number of documents, files and e-mail continues to grow exponentially. Unfortunately, the costs associated with maintaining and searching through an extensive file system has also grown.

Not anymore. DocuWare reduces these costs dramatically.

Documents can be found instantly, even those stored over decades. They canít be misplaced or filed incorrectly. And they definitely canít be tampered with.

Save Time

Document management systems can save an average of a half hour of retrieval time per employee per day.

Free Up Resources

Electronic document manage-ment requires 98% less storage space than storing hard files.

Avoid Mistakes

Provide current and complete information to your customers and avoid mistakes resulting from missing information.

Motivate Employees

Support and motivate your employees by providing them with the most efficient tool for managing information Ė a document management system.


Documents Everywhere

Accounting. Invoices, bills of lading, statements and packing slips. Nothing is booked without a supporting record. These records need to be stored for a long time and need to be accessible to you at any time. Automatic filing and rapid access to these records have become standard procedures for companies using DocuWare.


Production, Support and R &D.; Inventory lists, blueprints, service records, standards and specs. Just think of the efficiency, to be able to access all the right documents from any workstation. DocuWare gives you a direct path to any shape or sized document Ė from large drawings to scribbled notes, regardless of the document's source.


Sales. Price lists, customer orders from the last six months, charts showing regional prospects and sales forecasts. Since success in sales comes from making the most of information collected for and about your customers Ė get DocuWare. Because one thing is for sure: you can never be armed with too much information when you are out in the field.


Government Administration. Forms, applications, minutes and maps. Government is supposed to be lean and mean, yet fulfill every want of its citizens. More tasks are performed by less staff. Forms, bids and plans are piling up on your desk. This challenge is being met with the help of DocuWare.


Human Resources. Contracts, evaluations, reviews and letters of recommendation. Employees are your most precious resource, and thatís a documented fact! With electronic personnel folders preserved in DocuWare, you keep the information under control. Secure and completely protected from unauthorized entry, you can page through every employeeís history right on the monitor.


Everyone profits from document management by DocuWare.

Last update:  18:01 24/06 2004