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Successful implementation in a few short weeks.

We follow a very structured approach from the planning to the installation of your document management solution – to ensure effortless use and company-wide satisfaction with your DocuWare installation. Customized for each application, DocuWare and its optional modules can be combined to provide fast, secure document management that is within any organization’s budget.

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You’ve experienced DocuWare live for the first time at a trade show or Info Seminar hosted by an Authorized DocuWare Partner. In an individual presentation, you and your coworkers have learned more about how your information flows and processes can be improved, and what kinds of savings can be immediately achieved with DocuWare.


The result of the planning phase is a configuration outline, in which technical and organizational steps for integration are laid out. Costs and benefits of DocuWare are explained and a binding proposal is made. In some cases, an introductory definition workshop, as well as special consulting services are recommended.


DocuWare software is installed and configured; the administrator in charge is trained. Any custom adaptations are programmed. For very complex solutions, a dry run is commenced before the final rollout. This allows DocuWare to be seamlessly integrated into your existing IT infrastructure.

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