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The document management, workflow and knowledgement Document Solution Company is specialized in software for a digital infrastructure in your company. We provide total solutions with software that covers document management,knowledge management , workflow, automated archiving of documents, automating, maintaining the workflow and managing your customer relations in your company. With flexible software, DocuWare Benelux can build a configuration that fits exactly in your company. This way, a very surveyable, paperless and cost-reducing solution is built!

We have several products to cover your needs from small business to enterprises. Goal is to save money and realise a very short ROI.

New License Files (Keys) starting with version 4.6 

As previously announced, version 4.6 document management has only one license key. This makes it easier for the customer and for you to administer the license data—no longer do you need to manage multiple license keys for the same installation.

Remember—it is not possible to use version 4.6  the old license keys.

A new license key is included in this mailing. If this is not the case, we have not been able to create a new license for you due to missing information. If you are missing the new license key please contact DSC. Upgrade Installation Notes.

After installing new 4.6 licenses, all clients must be updated – which means that when working with a local copy, all workstations running version 4.5 document management or older must be updated. Workstations solely running Docuware by launching the program from a central network path can immediately be used again once the update of the central installation has been completed.

In rare cases, the update can lead to errors in CONTENT-FOLDER, which are due to old system files used for the support of XML. Should CONTENT-FOLDER not achieve desired results, please re-install CONTENT-FOLDER on these workstations. This will make sure that all necessary system files have been updated to reflect the most current status.

To update TIFFMAKER, it is recommended that you update all workstations over time.

The latest information about this topic can be found in our TecDoc. The TecDoc version found on this product CD has most likely been appended – so please have a look at the very newest version found in the download area in the Customer Service section of our web site.

New and enhanced functions in version 4.6 


Color Documents

File formats for color documents: In addition to JPEG, now also supports PNG as a standard format. This format offers many advantages for documents filed via TIFFMAKER:
Compression is conducted without any loss of information.
Electronic documents with patches or a low number of different colors are compressed with a factor comparable to that of black-and-white TIFFs.
Ideally suited for CAD drawings
Well suited for PowerPoint, Excel and Word documents as well as the filing of web content
Less suited for photos or color gradients
Display: There is now a display enhancement mode for color documents. Using Scale-to-Color-Halftone on color documents especially PNG, optimizes them for viewing.
Version 4.6 offers a check sum for color documents which have been scanned or created via TIFFMAKER (see also Document Security)

Document Workflow and CONTENT-FOLDER:

Form stamp: a stamp can now be endorsed with up to 5-form fields. When you use the stamp, a dialogue box will open, asking you to fill in the values. These values are then inserted into the text of the stamp on the document. These values can also be assigned to index fields of a file cabinet so that they are transferred automatically as the new index value when the document is saved. In contrast to the previous version, it is no longer necessary to have different stamps for each single value an index can take (for example for every cost center).
Auto-synchronization of CONTENT-FOLDER: you can now configure a folder to update automatically while it is open. You can define the interval between synchronization processes in minutes. It is also possible to define that a CONTENT-FOLDER file is no longer synchronized at the time it is opened.
Further enhancements for CONTENT-FOLDER:

You can now delete stored documents directly from CONTENT-FOLDER.

The Edit query option has been extended to provide more flexible date  selections. In addition to the existing "Current day and xx days before", you can now also select from "xx days before", "Within the next xx days", and "After xx days". The latter two options providing for future time periods. With this version it is now also possible to delete the date selection.

From now on, CONTENT-FOLDER is available in all languages.

Security for Documents

Check sum for documents in foreign formats (such as Word, Excel, ASCII, XMS etc.):
The administrator can define if a check sum is automatically generated for every  document stored to a file cabinet.
Placing a signature stamp on foreign formats causes the generation of a check sum
Block documents when viewed or edited in the file cabinet:
If one user views a document from a file cabinet in the Docuware document management  viewer or edits it, no other user can set stamps or overlays at the same time.
Whenever a user views or edits a document from the file cabinet in the editing program, everyone else can view, but not edit the document, even when the program itself does not offer blocking mechanisms (without the use of DOCUMENT-SERVER).
When using ODBC access to a database with a joint identification, it is now possible to enter this identification encrypted into the adf file. This prohibits users from access to the document data base with external tools.

Organization in Baskets

The viewing enhancements Scale to Gray and Scale to Color Halftone are now applied to the thumbnail portrayal of documents in the baskets as well. This helps you to recognize your documents easier.

Display Ergonomics

Intelligent window sizes and positions:
Offers default settings for the optimal size and position of
Main window, basket windows, basket and file cabinet toolbars
Viewer window
Storage menu, retrieval menu and result list
Depending on the screen resolution, we offer different default settings, i.e., for
600 x 800 (SVGA)
1024 x 768 (XGA)
1024x 1024 (SXGA)
When changing the resolution, sizes and positions are adjusted automatically. This is a special benefit for example for mobile users working with external monitors at their workplace.
Single default settings can be addressed directly with a menu, or you can adjust default settings at your discretion and then chose directly via the menu as well.

Comfortable Document Export

Exporting directly from the result list: You can now export filed documents directly from the result list to a directory of the file system. During this process, the original file name can be optionally restored. This makes it easier to process filed data (for example for analyses). In past versions, documents had to be copied to a basket first before exporting.
When sending an e-Mail (via MAPI), it is now possible to automatically transfer the original file name for foreign formats or the document’s name in the file cabinet. Header files are no longer transferred in these cases.
These naming functions are not only available for e-mail, but also for exporting files from a basket or the result list.
The options are available for TOOLKIT interfaces as well.

Record processing with ACTIVE IMPORT 3

Index enhancement: Changing entries in external databases
Comparable to AUTOINDEX you can now define that an entry in an external database is deleted after it has been used for index enhancement.
Alternatively, instead of deleting the entry, a selectable field of the external entry can be filled with a fixed value, such as ”USED“. With this function you can easily monitor if a record has been booked, but not scanned.
For the opposite monitoring process, you can optionally define that documents without a corresponding entry in the external database are shifted to a basket of your choice. In this manner you can easily check if records have been scanned, but not yet booked.
This function is also available for ODBC databases, if the source permits.
This function is ideal for monitoring exceptions.
Database browser for showing index enhancement data.
The browser shows the data used for index enhancement in table form.
It allows you to shift columns or change the sorting order.
You can open the browser from the index enhancement mask as well as from the job window, using the context menu of a job.
Together with the functions for changing external data records, you can now easily control e.g. which data sets have not been used yet.
Further enhancements of ACTIVE IMPORT:
You can now name jobs, the names appear in the job window.
Jobs starting regularly at a pre-defined time are now marked as ”scheduled“ instead of ”idle“. This is especially valuable for the server module.
You can configure a job to be activated whenever ACTIVE IMPORT is started. So far, it was set to the status it was in when ACTIVE IMPORT was closed; yet sometimes jobs were set to ”inactive” by a fault in the connection to the database.
File names of e-mail attachments are added to the e-mail text when storing them.
ACTIVE IMPORT will only convert TIFF files into the DocuWare TIFF format if you have explicitly activated this option. Please check your existing ACTIVE IMPORT jobs.

Additional Enhancements:

INTERNET-SERVER 3 and DOCUMENT-SERVER can be seamlessly installed on Windows Server 2003.
The administrator can now determine that settings for scanning, printing and TIFFMAKER are optionally stored in HKEY_CURRENT_USER instead of in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. This makes it easier to use DocuWare in Terminal Server environments.
Text annotations on documents: You can now move within the text using the arrow keys instead of having to delete text in order to go back.
Retrieval: You can now sort the result list by one criterion when retrieving through multiple file cabinets.
Support of Office 2003: Document viewer, Office Add-In and ACTIVE IMPORT support all programs and file formats of Microsoft Office 2003.
External multi-page TIFF documents can easily be imported so that they are retained in DocuWare as multi-page TIFFs and do not have to be converted into DocuWare TIFFs.
New TOOLKIT function: With a single, fast call it is now possible to update the header of a document according to its database entries. Index entries changed directly in the database by an external program can easily be updated.

docuware document management CONNECT to NOTES

If you have stored a file attachment of a Notes document (or e-mail), yet the document or e-mail stayed in Notes, you can now retrieve the stored attachment directly from this document.
It is now possible to search a file cabinet directly from the Notes client. Retrieval functions are the same as in docuware INTERNET-SERVER.

Software for scanning,ocr,imaging, easy to use also for web purposses suited for barcode processing (to guide a process). Excellent records management and e-mail archiving.

Archive simpel and eficient use a docuware archive system/ document management system.

Easy indexing.

Is suited for an enterprise aswell for small offices fully scaleable.

Because it is scaleable you can expand your application with ultimus or jobrouter workflow.

edm, electronisch archief en kennis systeem eenvoudig in beheer en archiveren. Geschikt ter ondersteuning voor uw ISO 9001 normen.

Wij leveren ook scanners voor elke scanner kunt u bij ons terecht.

Voor al uw documenten. Zet een document makkelijk om naar een image.

Uitstekend geschikt voor het digitaliseren van uw papieren archief en het papierloos maken.Makelijk scannen,zoeken en vinden.antwerpen, antwerp, belgië, nederland, Nederland, zwolle, Zwolle. van A tot Z.saperion systemen worden ook door ons verkocht.Voor een compleet digitaal archief.Saperion

Ook zeer geschikt voor autocad tekeningen opslag.


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