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The Ultimus BPM Suite

The Ultimus BPM Suite is a complete business process management system that is used to


  • Improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness Reduce cycle times Reduce costs Improve visibility Improve satisfaction

Now in its sixth generation, it is the most feature rich product on the market, with enhancements driven from real experience gained from working with more than 1000 customers on thousands of processes.


  • Collaborative, programming-free process modeling & development environment Flexible integration and workflow capabilities Powerful management tools Easy to use Web interfaces for process participants that are available in 15 localized editions

Ultimus designed the suite with the needs of our global customer base in mind. The suite completely addresses the entire lifecycle of business process management.

  • Process modeling and development Automation integration, and use Ongoing management Monitoring, analysis, and optimization

With the Ultimus BPM Suite you can:

*Become a Process Enterprise, gaining control over your business processes, to save money and time.

* Use Ultimus BPM Studio, the collaborative process modeling and development environment, to automate even the most complex processes faster and easier than any other product on the market.

* Empower your users to participate in processes from within portals, Microsoft Outlook, or their browser—basically any environment they want.

Handle the most complex process execution and routing logic quickly and easily—without extensive programming or scripting.

* Leverage Web Services and .NET to integrate with virtually anything.

* Monitor and analyze process execution in real-time.



Last update:  12:37 28/04 2004