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JobRouter Workflow

JobRouter is easy to use for everybody.

The "normal" user gets it`s tasks presented in a simple dialog box. Nobody cares about the forwarding of the tasks. Jobrouter does that itself and is sending the tasks to the right places.

The administrator has access to the job router designer. With the designer it is possible to make or change a complete workflow in an easy and comfortable way. On top of that you can add extra functionalities with the aid of VB or Java script.

Every company has itīs processes:

Selling :

- Job execution

- Complaints

- Respond to customerīs questions

- etc.

Technology :

- release CAD drawings 

- release materials

- error processing 

- etc


- ordering

- price inquiries 

- Purchase invoice examination

- etc.


- requests for vacation

- request for joining a meeting

- etc.

Nearly everything for which there is used a form can be arranged with Jobrouter.

With Jobrouter the operational sequences are arranged in such a way that they function very reliable.

Jobrouter is suitable for all processes, which always return and are relatively exactly definable such as:

- invoice audit 

- release CAD drawings 

- request for vacation 

- Procurement request

- Complaints

- secure quality 

- have a look into your ISO 9000 - manual!

All processes are considerably faster, therefore JobRouter reduces transport and waiting times drasticly.

JobRouter ensures that all required rules are complied with. Therefore JobRouter is an indispensable tool in order to convert youre quality ensuring



Last update:  12:41 28/04 2004